the DONUT SHOP tag clip

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And here is the tag clip that frustrates me the most. These are small, super versatile and super cute. When I first saw them I thought there was no way they could be secure enough. But they are actually difficult enough to open that I think they *are* as secure as the push gate type clip.

  • The dealbreaker for me is that these clips swivel. I REALLY prefer for tags to hang front facing. Swiveling means a bunch of photos with tags facing the wrong way, or the side of tags. 

  • These clips might be safer for dogs than push gate clips. One of the situations I am most scared of is part of the dog getting stuck in the clip when it’s accidentally pushed open. It seems less likely for this to happen with the lobster closure, and that is a big reason why I am currently stocking this style of clip.

  • These small clips fit on every D-ring I had in the house, and my collars range up to 2” wide. If you have an insanely thick 2” D-ring, it could possibly be thicker than any of the ones I have, but this clip is very versatile and fits on many different widths and thicknesses of collar hardware.

  • Made from a lightweight zinc alloy. I think that I like this alloy better for a tag clip vs stainless steel. However, a plated finish can potentially wear off.

  • I may not stock these in the future just because I am vehemently anti-swivel.